Sabatier Sharpening Steel Various Sizes & Shapes

Sabatier Sharpening Steel is manufactured in high-carbon steel, and is tempered providing much greater hardness than knives. The handle is made of Black Plastic. The micro particles embedded in the coating facilitate perfect sharpening.


Sabatier Sharpening Steel

Use Steel regularly to maintain the edge of you knives (not for toothed, serrated blades). Caution, the sharpening steel is manufactured using high-carbon steel. Never leave it wet or put it into a dishwasher. Check out some tips how to sharpen your knife using Sabatier Steel Sharpening.

Handle – Black Plastic
Sharpening Rod Material: Stainless Steel
Dishwasher – No
Size & Shape: 23cm & 30cm in Diamond, Oval, or Round has been a steady companion of Irish Chefs, and Restaurants for years.

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  •     paring knife : this knife allows you to peel and cut vegetables.
  •     slicing knife or chef’s knife : this knife is used to cut meat and vegetables.
  •     slicing kitchen : this narrow blade knife is used to cut slices of meat or cut poultries.
  •     meat knife or boning : it is used for pieces of meat with a bone.
  •     bread knife, tomato knife : tooth knife

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