Matfer Bourgeat STAINLESS STEEL Cooking WOK 30cm GAS

Long-lasting, cool-touch, high-quality cooking wok.

Easy to use.

Prepare your favorite dishes quickly, without additional fats.

Bacteria-free for weeks after the last cooking.

Robust heavy-duty design.

Reinforced non-drip edge with ultra thick bumper.

Compatible with any heat surface.

Matfer Bourgeat stainless steel cooking WOK 30cm

Unequalled robustness & design that combines cooking performance with ergonomics
Suitable for all GAS heat sources.
Optimized cooking by uniform heat conduction in skirt and base.

  • Capacity: 4Ltr
  • Dimensions: 30cm
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Reinforced non-drip edge with ultra thick bumper
  • French standard NF and us NSF
  • Made in France



How to properly use the new Matfer Bourgeat cooking wok


If you just purchased a cooking wok, do not use it before you prepare it.

Here are the steps to prepare a wok for the first cooking:

  • Remove anti-rust protection by scrubbing the wok with a metal scourer. Use a teaspoon of detergent.
  • Rinse with plenty of water.
  • Burn the wok twice. The first burn is with high heat. Rainbow colors may appear.
  • The second burn requires oil or fat. Apply oil all over the inner surface.
  • Allow the oil to smoke for a while (several minutes).
  • When smoking stops, remove the wok from the heat.
  • You can use a blow-torch to burn the wok’s sides.
  • Now, your wok is ready for the cooking magic.



5 steps for cleaning and maintaining a Wok

When your wok is dirty, you have to clean it in a proper way.

  1. Fill the wok with water
  2. Put it on the heat until the water starts boiling
  3. Use a metal ladle or welder to scrap the insides
  4. Use liquid detergent to complete the cleaning process
  5. Dry the wok on the heat source



Tips for wok cooking – how to stir fry like a pro

  • Start by heating a wok (no oil or water yet) to be piping hot
  • Add a tablespoon of oil
  • Pick up your wok and spread the oil with circular movements (make the oil swirl and reach the edges)
  • Pour off the excess oil (use it for something else or leave it in a fridge)
  • Put the wok back on the heat
  • Add spices and cook them for a minute or two
  • Add vegetables, meat, rice, eggs, mushrooms
  • Stear and shake the wok as shown in 45 seconds video Slow motion wok tossing by Chef Jin Haw



Benefits of cooking with a wok

The main wok’s purpose is to stir fry easily. Here are the main advantages compared to “regular” pots and pans:

  • The specially designed shape prevents food spillage
  • Two heat surfaces combined with specific movements guarantee evenly cooked food
  • Meals are more delicious and healthier since the cooking is quicker, with less oil
  • A non-stick surface and a unique way of cooking prevent food from burning
  • Cooking wok is very handy if you want to make mixed salads and cold dishes
  • It’s shape allows you to mix ingredients and drain excess oil before serving easily



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