Wok Steel Wood Handle 350 mm Matfer

Traditional, best wok with wooden handle for a cool-touch.

Perfect if you want to eat healthy, delicious food and stay slim and fit at the same time.

Manufactured by Matfer Bourgeat, the industry leader in supplying the highest-quality kitchen utensils, since 1814.

Shape compatible with induction hob.

Wok Steel Wood Handle 350 mm Matfer


  • Thick stainless steel body.
  • The wooden handle has a “cool-touch” feature.
  • Aluminum diffusing sandwich base with shape memory for perfectly even cooking.
  • Base covered with magnetic stainless steel disk for induction.
  • Reinforced non-drip rim.


Traditional wok with wood handle. The shape is compatible with an induction hob.

The seasoning, once added, will allow cooking almost without fat.

The subsequent high-temperature cooking guarantees a clean frying pan without bacteria.




Quick guide for the best results when cooking with wok


Before first use – place the pan in hot water for a few minutes and use a brush to remove any traces of the protective layer.

  • Dry the pan
  • Fry a few peelings or slices of potato
  • Sprinkle generously with salt
  • Put in oil for a few minutes, then discard
  • Heat the pan again with a little oil, remove from the heat and wipe with paper.



Cooking with cast iron wok


Cooking in cast iron wok
Cooking in a cast iron wok

Our stainless steel wok is ideal for:

A wok can even be used for smoking meat and cheese.

You can learn how in this one-minute video, “How to Use Your Wok as a Smoker – CHOW Tip


When sufficiently heated, the wok causes a rapid Maillard reaction, ensuring good coloring without overcooking.

Check this six-minute video for the best cooking results, “How To Cook With A Wok“.



Carbon steel wok – After use


Cooking in Asian wok
Cooking in an Asian wok

Wipe the pan with paper or, if necessary, rinse in hot water.

Wash without using a degreasing detergent.

Dry and lightly re-grease.



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