Tagliatelle Pasta Cutter Attachment for Imperia Titania Pasta Machines

Tagliatelle pasta cutter attachment. Be sure to get the most out of your pasta machine by investing in this Imperia 2mm Tagliatelle pasta cutter! Easily attach it onto compatible sheeters to produce 2mm Tagliatelle noodles in the blink of an eye for the best in efficiency and consistency. This cutter is designed for use with Imperia & Titania manual and electric Pasta Machines.

Tagliatelle Pasta Cutter Attachment

This pasta cutter will take your homemade pasta to a whole new level, as you serve your guests dishes of homemade Tagliatelle.

All of the noodles will be the same size, adding to the visual appeal of the dish in addition to ensuring that each noodle is cooked perfectly.


Perfect for establishments such as Italian restaurants and farm-to-table cafes in the city.

This unit will help you provide the ultimate Italian tagliatelle pasta experience.



Tagliatelle pasta cutter attachment for perfect Italian dish with mushrooms
Tagliatelle pasta cutter attachment for the perfect Italian dish with mushrooms



Tagliatelle pasta cutter attachment specifications

The pasta cutter is built with stainless steel to ensure that it’s both durable and reliable.

The stainless steel construction also makes it naturally resistant to corrosion and rust, so that you’ll be able to use it for years to come.


You’ll be able to enjoy the process of making pasta for your unique recipes.

Also, you can capitalize on the farm-to-table trend by marketing fresh homemade pasta to your customers.

  •     Material Stainless Steel
  •     Weight 2.05kg
  •     Colour Silver
  •     Able to produce perfect shapes time and time again
  •     Cuts width of 2mm



GDuke recommends trying this Gordon Ramsay recipe for your first use of the tagliatelle cutter attachment.

(6 minute video)

Gordon Ramsay Shows How To Make Fresh Pasta for Tagliatelle and Wild Mushrooms




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