Heavy Duty Lacor Saucepan Without Lid – Various Sizes

Lacor Cookware Chef-Luxe Range design is intended for professional use, but its performance will give a magnificent result in home kitchen. Mirror polished Stainless Steel.

Chef Luxe Lacor saucepan without lid – various sizes


Lacor Chef-Lux Saucepans are made of 18/10 stainless steel

18% chrome and 10% nickel alloy

High level of quality and superior resistance to conventional steel


Excellent resistance to corrosion and food acids and salts

Extra-thick rim reinforced hardens the article and allows a perfect spill

The Interior and exterior finish is satin, beaded finished in a polished mirror



Chef Luxe Lacor saucepan without lid


Handles are welded airtight 18/10 stainless pipe, anti-global warming, and ergonomic.

It can be used on gas cookers, electric, vitroceramic, and induction heat surfaces.

The angle of the bottom allows easy cleaning and accessibility around the handles.



European food certification: RGS 3901841SS

You can select various sizes and capacities.



Lacor quality. Life-long duration. No sticky surfaces.


For HORECA, please contact us directly. We have been supplying Irish restaurants, hotels, and catering companies for over 20 years.

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