Red Wine Glass Goblet 50cl Pack of 6 WMF Smart Collection

  • The highest-quality crystal glass
  • Timeless design with a perfect rim enhancing wine flavor
  • Strengthened stem and base for maximum comfort
  • Ideal for the finest red wines
  • Perfect design and thin clear glass
  • Dishwasher safe

Red Wine Glass Goblet


Care                      Dishwasher safe

Material               Cut glass

Collection            WMF firstglass Smart

Capacity (ml)      500

Packaging unit (piece)    6

Diameter (cm)   8,7

Height (cm)        21,9



Best red wine glasses


Best red wine glass goblet in Ireland, made by WMF
Best red wine glass goblet in Ireland, made by WMF

Timeless design, first-class glass, and a two-year warranty against cloudiness.

It was made in Germany, following the highest manufacturing standards.

Elegant, stylish, and modern red wine glass goblets are the ideal choice to honor your guests.

Unavoidable addition to any kitchen, party, or special occasion.


  • Sophisticated red wines can only be thoroughly enjoyed when served in the right glass.
  • The curved shape and large opening mean the wine has the perfect breathing surface.
  • All wines will reveal their individual characters. (the fuller the flavor, the more curved the red wine glass should be)


The wide-mounted shape provides a breathable opening for wine to breathe when swirled.

The best red wine glass goblet to enjoy your fine wines in any setting.

The ergonomic shape and strengthened stem and base provide maximum comfort without warming the wine.


Red wine goblet is the best gift you can bestow for:

  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Parties
  • Romantic evenings
  • Homecoming parties
  • Hotel and restaurant dining tables

Why? Besides the highest-quality glass and exceptional design, the red wine glass, Smart glass collection will reveal the whole bouquet of aromas to unfold fully.




Red wine goblet glasses Ireland – HORECA customers


Red wine goblet, pack of six, the Smart glass collection is manufactured in Germany. Brought to Ireland by GDuke.

Exquisite wine goblets are a must for any respectable hotel, restaurant, cafe, and catering company.

All our HORECA customers, restaurant owners, and chefs will get a special offer and wholesale prices.

Visit our new showroom in Dublin, or contact us for discounts.

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