FIGGJO Front Dining Plate Wide Rim 30cm White

FIGGJO Fine Dine Plate. Take a step into the classic landscape of fine dining with this high quality Porcelain Figgjo Front Dining Plate

FIGGJO’s most innovative products are collected in FIGGJO FRONT. The collection consists of products developed to capture and create the latest trends and needs, so that the professional kitchen is
able to create new experiences at the table.

Figgjo Front Dining 30cm Plates meet the needs of chefs with the highest standards. These plates fit into even the most stylish surroundings, while simultaneously giving fine dining a more informal and modern look.

Size: 30 cm Colour: White

Figgjo Tableware porcelain of the highest quality

Figgjo is a Norwegian porcelain manufacturer since 1941, offering Scandinavian excellence of hard-wearing vitreous porcelain made for professional use. The Company’s porcelain products offer unique and cutting edge designs, and will withstand years of heavy use.

Figgjo is also a green manufacturer. They use no harmful materials, and recycle all materials not ending up as a finished product. There are no toxic emissions of any kind.

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Dimensions 30 cm

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