WMF Smart Collection White Wine Glass / Goblet 38.7cl. Pack of 6

High quality wine only reaches its full potential in the right glass. The white wine glass is characterised by a small goblet with a slightly rounded shape. The stem is of greater importance. This is where the glass is held, to prevent the perfectly chilled wine from being warmed too quickly by heat from the hand. The classic white wine glass is particularly suited to elegant, fruity, medium-bodied wines.

Care                      Dishwasher safe

Material               Cut glass

Collection            WMF firstglass Smart

Capacity (ml)      387

Packaging unit (piece)    6

Diameter (cm)   7,9

The WMF Glassware collections include glasses for every occasion. Timeless in design, the range fits both the modern and the traditional ambience. The different glasses are ideal for putting together as individual sets but also can be mixed and matched.

Wine lovers, in particular will enjoy the WMF Glassware because it offers the right glasses for different drinks. Made of high-quality crystal glass, all Glassware products are easy to care for and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. WMF gives a two-year guarantee against cloudiness.

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