Utopia tableware and glassware

Utopia Tableware and glassware is the largest UK manufacturer in the hospitality industry. For years, their products are used in:

  • Hotels
  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Business canteens
  • Conference facilities
  • Home kitchens

Utopia is known worldwide for its unique design, playful colors, and stylish presentation dishes. Their collections are used for all cousins and occasions.

Utopia Tableware and glasses

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Why Utopia Tableware and Glasware


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World-known facts:

  • Utopia Tableware has over 1000 representatives worldwide, and the number keeps growing due to a constant increase in demand. GDuke is an official Irish supplier of Utopia tableware and glassware products.
  • They are the largest UK supplier for the hospitality industry business, with a particular focus on custom chefs’ orders.
  • At any moment, their large warehouse holds up to 30,000 pallets with products ready to be shipped all around the globe. None of those pallets stands for longer than a few weeks, more often, a few days.
  • Utopia offers a bespoke design and custom decoration on many of its products.
  • They established their brand as the manufacturers of the highest-quality ceramics, glassware, cutlery, and Plastics.
  • Utopia Tableware and Glassware is hugely popular in the HORECA sector and advanced home kitchens due to their confirmed and constant use of verified porcelain, ceramics, stoneware, and the finest china. 

Utopia and celebrity chefs and caterers

Additional services and highly reliable and reusable products provided by Utopia Tableware are why celebrity chefs and established catering companies put the brand at the top of the necessary kitchen and food presentation equipment list.


  • Digital and screen decorating;
  • Bespoke development and product personalization;
  • CE stamping, nucleation, and laser lining;
  • Innovative design based on cooperation with individual needs;
  • Tailor-made branded glassware

are unique services that distinguish Utopia from other kitchenware and presentation dishes manufacturers.


General characteristics of all Utopia products

Utopia tableware glassware Ireland

Utopia tableware, glassware, and crockery products are known for the following characteristics:

  • durability
  • chipping-resistant
  • modern design
  • ergonomic
  • microwave safe (except products with metal parts)
  • dishwasher safe
  • compatibility among different collections
  • easy replaceable if one piece is damaged
  • emphasis on food presentation
  • uniqueness
  • pure white and crystal clear kitchenware
  • metal marking resistant
  • thermal shock resistant
  • all products are made from the finest materials.


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Utopia Tableware & Glassware in Ireland

Versatility and imaginative design allow professionals and home chefs to implement ideas and upgrade food presentation to the next level.


Using Utopia Tableware and Glassware, one will express creativity to its extreme. Guests will love beautifully presented food, regardless of the type and purpose.

Utopia tableware glassware Ireland for chefs restaurants hotels cafes

Utopia Tableware products are suitable for home and professional kitchens, as it is durable, easy to clean, and elegant. It is the perfect choice for people who appreciate quality and design and are looking for chipping-resistant, modern, high-quality tableware and glassware that can withstand daily use.


TRADE Customers, please contact us for custom offers and bespoke solutions for Utopia Tableware and Glassware products.

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