Utopia Double-Walled Tall Shot Glass 3oz 8cl

Double Walled Shot Glass suspends its contents, creating instant theatre. Offering outstanding thermal insulation for both hot and cold beverages, Double Walled vessels are extremely versatile and practical, as well as being an aesthetically pleasing addition to any table top.

Whether you want a large shot straight-up or are serving up appetizers and canapes, these Double Walled Tall Shot Glasses are perfect for any occasion. Slim design. Ideal for commercial and domestic use.

Dimensions H 111mm W 45mm

Product Care

Utopia’s products are specially designed to withstand the rigous of the Foodservice and Hospitality trade. To ensure the quality level of the product is it important to take note of the following:

– Always wash new glasses before use.
– Always use a non-caustic detergent as caustic detergents affect head retention, etch the glass and give the glass a shadowy tinge.


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