Stoneware Collection Bowl Deep – PLAYGROUND SEA brand 24cm

The SEA stoneware collection. The simple design of these items allows the striking glaze to take center stage.

SEA plays with maritime colors: deep blue water, golden sand, and brown rocks.

The perfect match for a wide range of materials.

Stoneware collection bowl



PLAYGROUND Brand represents the pure joy of experimentation – a declaration of love for the art of culinary presentation.


Intuitive, humorous, and professional tableware.

PLAYGROUND brings an entertaining and varied product range that is regularly updated.


It combines the latest trends in food presentation with a repertoire of exciting, sometimes bold accessories and items made from diverse materials.



Collection            SEA
Material               Stoneware
Volume                1.5 l / 50.72 floz
Diameter             240 mm / 9.45 inch
Height (1 Piece)  75 mm / 2.95 inch



Stoneware collection maintenance


Stoneware products are

  • Dishwasher safe,
  • heat-resistant, and
  • suitable for microwaves and freezers.


However, metal marking and scratching sounds can occur due to the surface texture of some stoneware products.

This metal marking can easily be removed with an appropriate cleanser and does not impact functionality and hygiene.




Stoneware collection celebrating home



The stoneware collection is perfect for making an impression on your guests.

Arranging food in bowls can be both art and passion.

Celebrate your home, table(s), and space and show that food can be pleasant for taste and sight.

Use pro-serving techniques described in the 7-minute video: 20 basic plating techniques and decorations at home, restaurant, hotel, or during an office party.


Also, here are some unique ideas on how to serve food in stoneware bowls:

Ideas for serving food in bowls from stoneware collection 1
Ideas for serving food in bowls from stoneware collection 1



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