Quiche & Flan Tin Non-Stick Loose Base Fluted Rectangular KitchenCraft MasterClass

  • Brand: KitchenCraft MasterClass
  • Flatted edge
  • Removable bottom
  • Non-stick coating
  • Made of steel

Quiche & Flan Tin


  • Featuring a loose base for easy removal and fluted sides
  • Part of the MasterClass award-winning bakeware collection
  • Guarantees many years of satisfying cooking and baking
  • A must-have for fruit tarts, quiches, and flans
  • Heat resistant up to 450°
  • non-stick coating provides easy release and clean-up
  • Excellent heat conduction
  • Bakes uniformly

For the best rectangular or squared cakes.



Quiche, Tart & Flan Tin Specifications


  • Size: 31cm x 21cm (12″ x 8½”)
  • Sleeved
  • Dishwasher*, oven, fridge, and freezer safe
  • Heavy duty
  • Carbon steel
  • Rust resistant


*GDuke recommends:

Wash the tin in water with a mild detergent before the first and after each use.

Dishwashers’ liquid detergents might shorten the life span of your flan tin.




How to easily prepare square tarts, cakes and flans


5-minute video: Quick and easy Lemon Tart Recipe




3-minute video: How to Make Easy Baked Flan

Rectangular flan
Rectangular flan



5-minute video: How to make a perfect rectangular quiche lorraine recipe




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