Monolith Kamado Barbecue Ceramic Egg Grill Pro 2 Series with Cart. RED

Monolith Kamado is a complete outdoor kitchen. It combines traditional ceramic cooking with modern technological innovation, resulting in stunning results and food with unique flavours. It can be used as a grill, barbecue, charcoal oven, smoker and also with the help of optional accessories, as a pizza and bread oven, a rotisserie, a plancha, and wok stove. Your garden will become a realm of endless cooking choices.

Monolith Kamados

are constructed from extremely heat-resistant ceramics, combined with high grade stainless steel, with the high insulating capacities of the heavy ceramic and the clever regulation of the air flow into the kamado meaning that the temperature can be controlled more successfully than in any other type of grill plus the charcoal consumption is approximately 25 – 50% lower than with a more typical charcoal grill.

Cooking temperatures can be achieved rapidly due to a chimney effect meaning you can cook within 15 minutes of lighting using much less fuel during preheating with the ceramic keeping most of the heat in so external temperatures are much lower. The heat retention capabilities of the ceramic are such that a Monolith Kamado is fantastic to use in winter being perfect for creating hearty winter stews and slow braised dishes.

The PRO-Series Smart Grid System offers unrivalled functionality and flexibility even allowing simultaneous use as both a direct and indirect grill Made up from two half moon cooking grates, two half moon interlocking drip trays and two half-moon deflector stones, all of which can be simply positioned in any one of 4 height settings, sitting in a stainless steel frame with the stainless steel frame being able to be easily lifted in and out of a Monolith Classic PRO-Series model in one simple movement using the handle. A segmented Firebox, contained a stainless steel frame, features an integral concave ash collection system for more convenience when removing any ash deposits.

New Monolith PRO-Series 2.0 features:

  • Brand new lid Hinge System
  • Stainless steel and Fiberglass Gasket Sealing System
  • Re-designed cast iron Top Valve

Monolith Kamados feature a unique smoke wood pellet feeder system consisting of hinged access to the firebox and a feed chute so wood pellets can be put into the fire with no need to remove the lid. Just open the hinged access hatch, insert the feed chute, and push the wood pellets into the fire with the tool supplied.

Why Monolith Kamado?

  • Phenomenal heat retention properties. Monolith has no ignition problems even during the winter so you don’t have to light the fire any earlier than you would in the summer. The charcaol burns perfectly and always at optimum temperature thanks the the ventilation system (chimney effect) and it’s thick ceramic walls.
  • Efficiency. You don’t have to choose thin cuts of meat for winter cooking and give up steaks because they can’t reach searing temperature. Especially with the lid on, your Monolith can cook the same dishes that you cooked on the hottest of days even when it’s freezing outside.
  • Can be used for pizza! Reaching 300° or 400°C even in the darkest depths of winter is still possible with a Monolith Kamado Grill.
  • Cleaning simplicity.  Simply open the vents at the end of your cookout and bring the temperature to around 400°/450°C  for 15 minutes and any remaining food debris will char and flake. The swipe of a wire brush and the job is done.

Technical Specifications Monolith Classic PRO-Series 2.0

– supplied with steel cart and folding bamboo side tables with utensil hooks.


  • Classic – Pro-Series Smart Grid System
  • Classic – Pro-Series Firebox
  • Classic – Smoking Chips Feeder System
  • Classic – Charcoal Basket with Divider
  • Grid Lifter
  • Stainless steel bands and hinge
  • Unique Smoke Wood Pellet Feeder System
  • Locking castors

Some assembly required.

Warranty – LIMITED LIFETIME warranty on all ceramic components. 5 year warranty on all metal components

BBQ Dimensions
Height (cm) – 120, Width (cm) – 120, Depth (cm) – 71, Weight (kg) – 115

Cooking Area
Width (cm) – 46, Depth (cm) – 46


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