Coconut Bowl Natural Coconut Shell 25cl Dish (Pack of 10)

  • Coconut Bowl – natural mottled products
  • Reusable
  • Certified to European health standards
  • Eco-friendly, biodegradable, handmade
  • Suitable for serving main courses, soups, trinkets, snacks, or desserts
  • Adds charming exotic and adventurous atmosphere to a dining table
  • The best gift for homecoming parties, spouses, young couples, friends

Coconut bowl


  • Suitable for food contact.
  • Certified to current European standards.
  • The level base for stability.
  • Reusable.
  • Not dishwasher safe.
  • Dimentions: Ø9cm h6cm, 25cl
  • Made from a natural coconut shell, each bowl is a unique masterpiece.



How to use coconut bowl


Surprise your guests, and add mystery, adventure, joy, or a tropical atmosphere to a breakfast, dinner, or party table.

Suitable for home kitchens, restaurants, hotels, and cafes.


How to serve food and main course in coconut bowls
How to serve food and main course in coconut bowls


In your coconut bowl, you can serve the following:

  • Main course
  • Dessert
  • Snacks
  • Soups
  • Fresh fruits
  • Salads

However you use coconut shell bowls, the food will definitely look more enticing, and it will taste better.


Ideas how to serve food in coconut bowl
Ideas on how to serve food in a coconut bowls


Use your imagination. Put smiles on your guests’ faces.

Surprise people, you love and care about with a gift. Wrap it in some bland or exotic paper and enjoy their reaction.

It will never fail.


The coconut bowl set is the ideal gift for

  • young couples,
  • restaurant owners,
  • adventurous spouses,
  • homecoming parties,
  • catering events.

Whichever food you serve, it will taste more natural and healthy.



Interesting facts about coconut shell bowls


Since each bowl is made from discarded coconut shell, it keeps a unique feel and looks.

Perfect dish for the socially responsible, planet-saving people and nature-lovers.

Zero-waste conciseness was the primary motive for processing coconut shells, but it has become a trend in modern kitchens.


The additional benefit of purchasing coconut bowls is the support you’ll provide to people from undeveloped countries who collect, process, and decorate shells.

Each coconut bowl is biodegradable and can be used multiple times.



How to wash and care for your coconut bowl


Do not put the coconut shell bowl in the dishwasher!


  • The best way to care for your coco bowl is to wash it by hand in warm (not hot) water, using mild soap or detergent.
  • Let it dry naturally, or use a gentle dishcloth.
  • Do not slice food while it’s in the bowl.
  • The best way to eat food is with wooden spoons or chopsticks.
  • Try not to use metal cutlery.
  • Keep it in a dry space away from heat sources.
  • Do not expose it to acidic food or too hot content.

Check this one-minute video, “Caring for Coconut bowls“,


If you want to make a coconut shell bowl by yourself, please check the 4-minute video:

How to Make a bowl from coconut shell using simple tools DIY“.



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