RAK Porcelain Nano Collection Teapot & Lid

GDuke RAK Porcelain Nano Collection Teapot. Its innate simplicity and lightness, combined with its minimalist style and Asian touch means this range is perfectly adaptable to all your everyday dishes and will not clutter your cupboards. It has everything: flat and deep plates, dishes and bowls in all sizes.

RAK Porcelain is the perfect answer when a balance between functionality, durability and elegance is key.

Technical details

Collection : Dinnerware / Ivoris / Nano
Category : Coffee & tea / Teapots
Material : porcelain
Shape : round
Product type : Coffee and tea pots
Inspiration : World cuisines
Full dimensions : Ø 10.6 cm / Ht. 12.3 cm / Cont. 40 cl
Weight (kg) : 0.406
Pieces by box : 4
Product Care
  • RAK hotel grade porcelain is microwave, dishwasher and salmander safe, with most key items being guaranteed against chipping when used under normal conditions.
  • Stacking
    To preserve the glaze of the flat asymmetrical items, always stack vertically and do not slide one piece onto another.
  • In the dishwasher
    Follow recommendations of your cleaning product supplier regarding the amount of detergent to use and the use of cleaning products. Make sure the dishwashing machine is well-serviced as 80% of the problems are due to low quality maintenance of the dishwashing machine. Always rinse the porcelain after use and before you load it into the dishwasher.
  • Chipping
    Chipping is usually the result of rough handling during the washing process or storage. Clean any food remaining on the dinnerware by using a specific utensil.


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RAK Porcelain

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