GDuke Tableware Products offer a novel combination of quality, durability and aesthetics. Ergonomic kitchenware, sexy plates, serve-ware that provides unique dining experiences

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Authentic Terracota Tapas Dish Various Sizes

3.60 4.40  incl. Vat.

Eco-Friendly Natural Coconut Shell Bowl 25cl (Pack of 10)

27.00  incl. Vat.

Enamel Mug White with Blue Rim 56.8cl/20oz

5.90  incl. Vat.

FIGGJO Europa Series Bowl Various Sizes White

9.90 18.50  incl. Vat.

FIGGJO Europa Serving Plate Round Various Sizes White

9.00 24.99  incl. Vat.

FIGGJO Felt Collection Stylish Dinner Serving Plates Round 30cm & 32cm

20.00 25.00  incl. Vat.

FIGGJO Front Dining 30cm Plate Wide Rim White

19.99  incl. Vat.

FIGGJO Gastronorm Buffet / Display Container White Various Sizes

33.00 99.00  incl. Vat.

FIGGJO Plattform Rectangle Designer Plate White 21x9cm

33.00  incl. Vat.

Figgjo Porcelain Large Soup Cup 12cm 50cl – Choose your Colour

14.30 17.99  incl. Vat.

Figgjo Porcelain Saucer 17cm (for Soup Cup 12cm 50cl) – Choose your Colour

10.30 13.99  incl. Vat.

FIGGJO Verde Series Brikke Dish on Pedestal White

12.70  incl. Vat.