How to Sharpen your Professional Knives

How to sharpen a knife

Sabatier Sharpening Steel


You should use sharpening steel before each use of your knife. Many people believe it is difficult to keep a sharp cutting edge with sharpening steel. In reality, this is a very easy operation.


All the handles have a protection guard. To start, fly the length of each side of the knife blade along the length of the sharpening steel. Only a few gentle strokes of the knife on the steel are needed to achieve a sharp cutting edge. The sharpening angle is vital. It is roughly 30° and must be regular.


It is important to slide the two sides of the knife interchangeably on each side of the sharpening steel to thin the sharpest possible cutting edge. You must not slide the blade several times consecutively on the same side.


Gradually reduce the pressure to remove the burr, which will become sharper and sharper.


You need to practice sharpening your knife as your butcher does. In the beginning, take your time. The rapidity does not give a better sharpening.

Always use caution when handling sharp objects.


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