Pepper Mill Grinder Walnut Wood Deluxe Genware – sizes 44.5cm, 32cm, 24cm

  • Classic walnut wood
  • Gives you creative control of your tabletops
  • High-quality carbon steel mechanism for grinding pepper
  • Adjustable grinding size
  • No plastic parts
  • Easy to use and refill
  • Ergonomic shape

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Pepper mill grinder GenWare


  • GenWare Salt & Pepper Grinders and Shakers are available in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes
  • Authentic dark wood pepper mill
  • Features a high-quality carbon steel mechanism for grinding pepper
  • Do not overtighten metal knob as this will affect the mechanism from working
  • Suitable for peppercorns
  • Ergonomic shape adjusted for any hand


  • 44.5 x 7.3cm (H x Dia)
  • 32 x 7cm (H x Dia)
  • 24 x 6cm (H x Dia)
Walnut wood pepper mill grinder sizes
Walnut wood pepper mill grinder sizes


Each pepper grinder is curved from the original piece of walnut wood.

The grinding mechanism is manufactured with the highest precision using only high-quality carbon steel.

Grinding will be effortless for years – ease of use for decades.


Natural materials guarantee bacteria-free surroundings for pepper.

You will never experience an unpleasant smell of rust.


Peppercorns can stay inside a wooden pepper mill for days without losing the freshness, pungency, and aromatic oils.

Pepper inside the mill is protected from moisture and kitchen evaporations.




Why use pepper mill grinder



All chefs and good cooks use pepper mill grinders instead of ground pepper.

There are four reasons:

  1. Pepper aromatic oils disappear after some time. Pre-ground pepper oxidizes and loses potency and original flavor.
  2. Freshly grinded pepper is healthier and more potent than ground pepper.
  3. Adds style and class to your dining table.
  4. You can easily adjust the grinding grade.

You can read more on the topic in the article 3 Reasons Why You Should Use Manual Salt and Pepper Mill





Walnut wood pepper mill usage



You will get smaller particles, like powder, by twisting the top nut clockwise.

If your dish requires rougher grinding grades, turn the not counterclockwise.



How to determine an optimal grinding size for pepper?


Pepper mill grind sizes
Pepper mill grind sizes – image from

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Larger pepper grades provide sharper, more pungent flavor. Usually, this size is used for salads and cold dishes.


The grinding grade depends on the taste.

If you are unsure which pepper grinding size to choose, the article The Ultimate Guide to Pepper will certainly help.


how to determine grinding grade for pepper
How to determine grinding grade for pepper – image taken from the

Check this 90-second video and learn everything you need to know about your pepper mill grounder.

How to Fill and Adjust a Pepper Mill




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pepper mill size

Large 44.5cm (17 inch), Medium 32cm (12 inch), Small 24 cm (9 inch)

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