Figgjo Porcelain Mugs – Large Soup Cup 50cl – Choose the best Color

  • Figgjo Collection porcelain mug 50 cl
  • Available in various colors
  • Works well with or without a saucer
  • Suitable for tea, soup, and side dish
  • The perfect size for healthy, delicious meals

Porcelain mugs – Figgjo collection


This 12cm 50cl is the biggest cup and is similar to a bowl with a handle.

Use if for tea, soup or even for a starter or a side dish.

Such versatile design. A great addition to your kitchen.


Matching Figgjo Saucers can be purchased separately here.

Figgjo produces cups and mugs appropriate for home kitchens, restaurants, hotels and bars.


From functional stacking cups to more distinguished cups which look extra attractive on the table.

There is great variation in the available shapes, colors, sizes, and designs.

Some can also be used with a saucer and therefore be regarded as a large cup.


Figgjo porcelain has an established reputation for its great functionality, durability and timeless design.

Dishwasher safe



Figgjo Tableware porcelain mugs of the highest quality


Figgjo has been a Norwegian porcelain manufacturer since 1941.

Offering Scandinavian excellence of hard-wearing vitreous porcelain made for professional use.

The Company’s porcelain products offer unique and cutting-edge designs and will withstand years of heavy use.


Figgjo is also a green manufacturer.

They use no harmful materials and recycle all materials, not ending up as a finished product.

There are no toxic emissions of any kind.



GDuke recommendation for best serving effects in porcelain mugs


Here are some ideas to make the best of your new porcelain mugs.

Use your imagination and impress your guests.


Porcelain mugs - how to decorate and serve soup in mugs
Porcelain mugs – how to decorate and serve soup in mugs


Serve healthy food in your porcelain mugs. Stay fit and thin but enjoy each meal.

Porcelain mugs 50 cl are perfect to eat healthily and never too much.

Serve soup and main course in your Figgjo porcelain mugs, and never eat too much.

Check this 4-minute video: Mushroom Soup Recipe Healthy – try it – serve it with love.



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