The name Sabatier is considered to imply high-quality knifes produced in France using a fully forged process. Here you will find different ranges of kitchen knives necessary for cooking (paring knife, chef’s knife, slicer, slicer, boning, cleaver, meat knife, fork and sharpening steel).

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Citrus Lemon Zester Stripper Decorator

7.50  incl. Vat.

Professional Kitchen Knives Set Complete with Magnetic Rack & Sharpening Tools. 11 Pieces

455.00  350.00  incl. Vat.

Sabatie-Duma Tomato / Bread Knife Microserrated Blade 10cm

8.10  incl. Vat.

Sabatier IDEAL Boning Knife 13cm

55.00  incl. Vat.

Sabatier IDEAL Bread Knife with rigid, widely-serrated Blade 20cm

69.20  incl. Vat.

Sabatier Ideal Carving Fork 17cm 6.75

33.60  incl. Vat.

Sabatier IDEAL Desert Bread Serrated Knife 30cm

23.90  incl. Vat.

Sabatier Ideal Fillet Knife Flexible 15cm

51.80  incl. Vat.

Sabatier Ideal Range Chef’s Knife 25cm

91.30  incl. Vat.

Sabatier Ideal Range Slicing Knife 25cm

76.70  incl. Vat.

Sabatier Knife Sharpening Steel Various Sizes & Shapes

26.30 33.60  incl. Vat.

Sabatier Magnetic Rack Knife Holder Wall Mounted

17.70 23.80  incl. Vat.