Lacor has been a leader in Spain and Europe for over half a century in manufacturing commercial quality kitchen utensils and equipment.

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Ceramic Oil & Vinegar Set 250ml

34.80  incl. Vat.

Heavy Duty High Heat Spatula 35cm

13.00  incl. Vat.

Lacor 18 Stainless Steel 4 piece Measuring Cups Set

14.00  incl. Vat.

Lacor 18/10 Stainless Steel 5 piece Measuring Spoons Set

12.50  incl. Vat.

Lacor Cake Tart Divider 10-16 Slices Polypropylene

10.50  incl. Vat.

Lacor Manual Vacuum Pump Wine Saver & Two Stoppers

13.30  incl. Vat.

Lacor Natural Iron Non-Stick Frying Pan Induction (Various Sizes)

30.50 45.00  incl. Vat.

Lacor Professional Blender (Jug) 2L 950W 38000rpm

550.00  incl. Vat.

Lacor Robust Aluminum Non-Stick Frying Pan (Various Sizes)

12.50 46.50  incl. Vat.

Lacor Stainless Steel Cake Ring Vacherin Ring

20.99 22.80  incl. Vat.

Lacor Stainless Steel Conical Mixing Bowl 34cm 7.5L

20.65  incl. Vat.

Lacor Stainless Steel Pastry Dough Roller Docker

43.00  incl. Vat.