Figgjo is a Norwegian porcelain manufacturer since 1941, offering Scandinavian excellence of hard-wearing vitreous porcelain made for professional use. The Company’s porcelain products offer unique and cutting edge designs, and will withstand years of heavy use. Figgjo is also a green manufacturer. They use no harmful materials, and recycle all materials not ending up as a finished product. There are no toxic emissions of any kind.


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FIGGJO Europa Bowl Various Sizes White

9.90 18.50  incl. Vat.

FIGGJO Europa Serving Plate Round Various Sizes White

9.00 24.99  incl. Vat.

FIGGJO Felt Collection Stylish Serving Plates Round 30cm and 32cm

25.00 29.00  incl. Vat.

FIGGJO Front Dining 30cm Plate Wide Rim White

22.00  incl. Vat.

FIGGJO Gastronorm Buffet / Display Container White

33.00 99.00  incl. Vat.

FIGGJO Hval Large Designer Serving Spoon 58cm 200cl White

135.55  incl. Vat.

FIGGJO Plattform Rectangle Designer Plate White 21x9cm

33.00  incl. Vat.

Figgjo Porcelain Large Soup Cup 12cm 50cl – Choose your Colour

14.30 17.99  incl. Vat.

Figgjo Porcelain Saucer 17cm for Soup Cup 12cm 50cl – Choose your Colour

10.30 13.99  incl. Vat.

FIGGJO Svai Deep Serving Bowl White

77.00 118.00  incl. Vat.

FIGGJO Verde Series Plate Various Sizes White

9.20 16.99  incl. Vat.

FIGGJO Verde Series Soup Salad Plate White

14.50  incl. Vat.