Product in Focus

The HotmixPRO – Innovative, Multifunctional Food Processor

The HotmixPRO is a multifunctional appliance that allows you to cook any food, while mixing simultaneously at variable speeds, at temperatures between 25 and 190°C.

It serves as both a mixer for blending liquids and a cutter that chops any solid ingredient. Its speed reaches 12,500 rpm (compared to around 3,000 for a normal cutter).

The HotmixPRO can process many types of food when hot, avoiding all the intermediate steps required when preparing recipes that require constant attention.

You can use it to prepare sauces, creams, risotto, etc. For example, to prepare a Béchamel sauce, you put the ingredients in the bowl, select your program, and the HotmixPRO will prepare the sauce to the highest standard and consistency.

Tabletop vacuum devices from BOSS VAKUUM

Vacuum machine MAX 42

Longevity BOSS

vacuum machines are made exclusively with high-quality individual components: rust-free stainless steel, splash proof elements and Busch high-performance pumps – 100% Made in Germany. Clear structure, robust technology and sophisticated design guarantee long-lasting operational readiness.


Our intuitive Z 3000 sensor control unit permits simple and precise setting of important operating parameters. Pre-set values can be recalled via the memory function. The well-thought-out and ergonomic construction of the machines permits user-friendly working and guarantees optimum packaging results.


The perfect synergy of contact pressure, sealing temperature and sealing time produces optimum fusing results. Our high-pressure sealing systems ensure consistent sealing results even with thicker types of bag. The bag overlap is cut off in order to avoid unnecessary bacterial exposure. The machine can be optionally equipped with double seam sealing.

Service & Cleaning

Ease of cleaning is foremost in the design of our machines. They are made of stainless steel. The vacuum chambers are deep-drawn and the sealing systems cable-free. In order to reduce service costs and avoid downtimes due to maintenance, we attach great importance to easy accessibility and the clear arrangement of individual components. A service programme supports the functionality of the vacuum pump.




SOUSVIDE SYSTEM is the innovative device to cook at low temperature all kind of food products packed in vacuum bags. The working cycle of this new equipment is characterized by two distinct phases: the operator can set the desired temperature of the water in the tank through the control board (normally temp won’t be set higher than 60°) and at a second stage, he may set the cooking time.

The static water together with the constant monitoring through the sensor/probe - which helps keeping the temperature uniform and constant in the bath - allow to reach excellent cooking results: food is extremely soft and tasty, flavours are exalted and ‘weight loss’ will be definitely reduced. That is why, our SOUSVIDE SYSTEM is considered the essential tool for any professional kitchen.